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pluskid关于我 (About Me)

我叫张驰原pluskid 是我在网上的昵称,你也可以直接叫我 kid ,许多朋友都这样称呼我 。

My name is Chiyuan Zhang, pluskid is my nickname on the Internet, you can also call me kid directly, as many of mine friends do.

我是一名大四的学生,现在在浙江大学 CAD&CG 国家重点实验室。2009 年夏天本科毕业之后会继续留在本校攻读计算机科学与技术的硕士学位。我的导师是 Prof. Xiaofei He

I’m a senior in the State Key Lab. of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University. And I’ll continue my study here for a master’s degree in Computer Science and Technology after graduate on the summer of 2009. My supervisor is Prof. Xiaofei He.

我现任浙江大学微软技术俱乐部 TG (Technology Group) Leader 。这是一个快乐的团队,就像一个大家庭一样温馨。右边照片里的东西是俱乐部在 2008 年新年晚会的时候送给我的小挂钩的其中一个,我很喜欢这件礼物。

I’m the TG (Technology Group) Leader of Microsoft Technology Club of ZJU. It’s a happy team just like a big family. I received a gift (many cute hooks) from MSTC on the New Year Party of 2008, (one of) which is shown in the photo above. I like it very much.

hacker作为一名程序员,我很赞赏开放源代码的思想,并且尊敬那些为开源社区做出杰出贡献的黑客们。我曾经是一个 Debian 和 Emacs 的极力推崇者,我们在学校办讲座推广 Linux 并免费发放 Debian 光盘,我自己写的扩展 YASnippet 在 Emacs 用户中非常流行。不过我并不喜欢把这种爱好变为一种类似于“宗教信仰”的东西,为了贯彻程序员的三大美德之首──懒惰,我通常会用最方便的工具去完成我要做的事情,不论它是 Debian 还是 Ubuntu 、Linux 还是 Windows 、Emacs 还是 Vim 、Ruby 还是 Python ……另外,我自己也有一些开源项目

As a programmer, I appreciate the idea of Open Source and respect those hackers who made outstanding contribution to the open source community. I was an enthusiastic promoter for Debian and Emacs. We gave talks to promote Linux and distributed Debian CDs for free. And my extension YASnippet is very popular among Emacers. But I don’t like to treat this enthusiasm as something related to religious. In order to implement the first one of the Three Virtues of a Programmer — Laziness, I’ll use the most convenient tools to get things done, no matter whether it is Debian or Ubuntu, Linux or Windows, Emacs or Vim, Ruby or Python, etc. Besides, I have some open source projects of my own.


As a student of Computer Science, my research interests are in Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval related areas, which I found very interesting. Besides, I’m also interested in how the methodologies and ideas of engineering can be borrowed to the process of doing research.


Just like many people around me, I like watching anime. And I may also draw some cartoons when I have free time — as the one on the right side. While I’m not good at sports, I’ll go and play table tennis sometimes and I like mountain climbing very much.


I do not use Instant Messenger very often, the most convenient way to contact me is sending me an email.

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  • Location: Room 408 of CAD&CG Lab, ZJG Campus, ZJU, Hangzhou, China
  • Zip Code: 310058